Friday, 19 July 2013


A few new super-neon additions to the "Lightness of Being" post.  

Lightness of Being was an etherial set where i created some one off items of furniture made purely from muslin, and customised and created some unique pieces which sat with some of my high design favourites.  

Part II features pop of neon with some handmade made to order net bowls from LH Objects, and some beautiful one off pom pom creations by the very talented Heidi Gill at Bespoke Balloonery.

It's the darkness that make both the light, and the neon so lovely.

Image 1 - Clockwise from top left: White ceramic candleholders by Cappellini, available at Cult, Launch stool in Star White, by Ben McCarthy for go home, available at Top 3 by Design, Net Basket by Lara Hutton Objects, Medium Pebble Bowls in Cream, available at Mud Australia, Muslin Flower, designed by Lara Hutton. Image 2: Festoon detail and Pom Pom garland custom made by Bespoke Balloonery. Image 3: Net Basket by Lara Hutton Objects, Pom Poms custom made by Bespoke Balloonery.

Bespoke Balloonery: 
Lara Hutton Objects:
Mud Australia:
Top 3 by Design:

Photography: Jason Loucas
Styling: Lara Hutton and Heidi Gill of Bespoke Balloonery 


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